Future Now Leadership Series

Leadership: Your Best Business Lever for Turbulent Times

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT  
Event Type: Complimentary Webinar

How will you identify and develop future-fit leaders who can deliver on high expectations?

In a recessionary environment, organizations tend to lock down on spending and freeze hiring. While managing expenses is prudent, one investment remains paramount—your leadership. In fact, we believe your talent strategy is a business imperative for turbulent times.

Market dynamics are constantly changing. Competition is high. Your customers can be poached. Your leaders will be the ones to establish and execute your survival and growth strategy. Add to this heightened cultural expectations of diversity, inclusion and personalized employee experiences. How will you identify and develop future-fit leaders who can deliver on these high demands?

Join four of the country’s foremost experts for a fascinating discussion on the state of leadership today and best practices for fully leveraging, engaging, and retaining top talent in this new era.

Key Takeaways

You will learn:

  • Leadership implications of operating in turbulent times—and key requirements for future-fit leaders
  • What do resilient leaders look like—and what can you do to become one?
  • How can you and your teams manage the “dark sides” of personality that emerge under stress?
  • Best ways to support your leaders’ well-being and purpose as they re-examine priorities
  • Best practices for guiding your leaders and organization through this extraordinary era 



Scott Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, MDA Leadership


Sharon Sackett, SVP, CEO & Board Services and Executive Assessment, MDA Leadership


Scott Gregory, Chief Executive Officer, Hogan Assessments


Kelsey Klausing, Practice Manager, Solutions Partner, Hogan Assessments

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