Future Now Leadership Series

Designing a Future-Now Learning and Development Ecosystem

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 
Time: 12:00pm - 1:15pm CDT
Event Type: Complimentary Webinar

In response to the pandemic, remote work, and anticipated greater work flexibility, organizations are moving to revamp their leadership development solutions. Some moved quickly to invest in learning technologies, while others are wondering which among the constellation of technologies to invest in. A key to ensure you maximize the value of any investment is to understand the benefits of a dynamic learning and development ecosystem—essential to developing leadership at scale. We will look at the critical elements of such a development system or architecture and provide compelling case examples of the future of immersive, scaled leadership development.

What You Will Learn

  • Reimagine your leadership development as a modern learning and development ecosystem—designed to elevate leadership excellence and effectiveness at scale
  • Maximize the ROI of your learning technology investments by integrating them into a robust learner experience
  • Leverage design elements and modalities essential to accelerating leader growth and ensuring the social learning required to master human-centered power skills
  • Strategically architect an ecosystem that helps you efficiently and artfully build a deeper, more diverse pipeline of leaders
  • Emphasize features that create the behavioral “stickiness” needed to create meaningful change



Jim Laughlin, M.F.A., VP of Leadership Development and Coaching Services, MDA Leadership


Erik Williams, M.B.A, Senior Consultant, MDA Leadership

Natalie Grund

Natalie Grund, M.A., Senior Consultant, MDA Leadership


*MDA webinars are intended for clients and future clients only*